Cindy Clarke, Executive Director

Welcome! Feel like working with your family is last thing you want to do today, but cannot bear the thought of leaving? Then you landed in the right place.

The UNC Asheville Family Business Forum with the Strategic Partners is a resource to help business owners' maximizes the overall well-being of their business and to transition successfully to the next generation. The Family Business Forum is the only ongoing professional development and awareness-raising environment specifically designed for family owned and closely held businesses.

Guided by its members and supported by the Strategic Partners the Family Business Forum presents programs and activities that are meaningful and relevant to the membership. The programs originate from member feedback, hot topics of the moment, and other scientific methods family businesses put to use. Not many of us get it right the first time, so it helps to hear what the others are doing. Go to Resources to request DVDs of past programs. Be my guest at any one program to see if the Family Business Forum is right for you.

Cindy Clarke
Executive Director