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Dear Business Community,

This summer started with so much promise for brighter days ahead. Unfortunately, given the current trajectory of the pandemic it remains necessary to move forward cautiously with planning for the new program year. The Family Business Forum (FBF) remains committed to finding speakers and resources to aid you in balancing family and business and ensuring that both thrive, and we’ll deliver information in ways that keep you connected and comfortable. FBF will be returning to a fee-based membership structure, and invoices will be sent to returning members. If you would like to find out more about membership, please contact me.

While I continue to plan for in-person meetings for FBF workshops, reclaiming a sense of community with face-to-face meetings, I also recognize that the situation is still fluid, and that COVID cases continue to increase, especially the spread of the Delta variant among the unvaccinated. In-person meetings are an option on campus, with community expectations in place, but I want to hear from you about your preference for meeting in-person or online. Some potential speakers have indicated they would prefer to video-conference into the meeting, instead of traveling, but the Family Business Forum will still bring you high-quality content and insights from around the world.

Stay safe!


Our Mission

Family- and privately-owned businesses face unique issues. The mission of the UNC Asheville Family Business Forum (FBF) is to provide professional learning opportunities to help these closely held businesses maximize the overall well-being of their company, and to assist with transition planning for the next generation of ownership.

The FBF is the only ongoing professional development program specifically designed for family businesses in Western North Carolina. It is a member-driven organization; all of the programming and events are based on feedback from businesses telling us what they need to learn more about.

The Family Business Forum is grateful for the generous support of the SBTDC:

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