Who will it be?

A well known brand of household product has been invited to speak to members but I am not ready to spill the beans.  That's not a hint.  Bet you have some of this product that was created in the late 1950's in your home. 

Amazing War Stories

Three attorneys walk into a room and tell war stories that could have been avoided in estate and succession planning.  No joke.

Enjoy lunch, be entertained, amazed, and learn how to avoid being another family business diaster. Hear from a team at McGuire Wood and Bissette, among other professionals. 

Getting What You Want

Working in a family business presents unique leadership challenges. What happens when generational differences impede progress? How does one initiate and effectively execute healthy transition conversations? How can leaders best manage the challenges and triumphs of individual responsibility and family connection?

Closing the Succession Gap

"Succession Conversations: Who Says What to Whom, and How, and When?"
Doing nothing about succession is quite often disastrous for family businesses. Yet many business owners, reluctant to give up control and preferring to live with ambiguity, decide that avoiding the issue is the best course for them. Successfully transferring family businesses to the next generation raises complex and emotion-laden problems. As a successor or a successee, your role is key to this transition, and it must start with early planning.

The Fed Speaks

Matt Martin (pictured below) is a senior vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, and a Charlotte regional executive. He is responsible for branch leadership and regional outreach in the Carolinas. He will join us in Asheville for the latest financial news and economic update.


Monday, March 27, 2017 from 4-6 p.m.

Bridging the Gap with Red Carpet


Imagine a world where you did not have customers.  Instead, you have devoted fans who repeatedly purchase your products and services, give you rave reviews online, and proactively bring others customers to you, who then become devoted fans, too!  Learn from Donna Cutting who literally "wrote the book" on red carpet experiences for customers. Members will receive a copy of the book. View a video of Donna explaining the first Red Carpet tip.