From “Problem Child” to “Proven Asset:”
Leading difficult people at work (and at home)


In-Person Event on Friday, March 17, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Often, companies are held hostage by unacceptable behavior: bullying, refusal to cooperate, mysterious under-functioning, and so on. Leaders try every trick they know, but nothing seems to work. When a situation — or a person — seems impossible, what is, actually, possible? Through story-based presentation and engaging YOUR present challenges, leadership coach and consultant Jake Morrill will present some practical strategies for effectively addressing and transforming these important relationships that seem hopelessly stuck.

Register now for this valuable coaching session with Jake Morrill, who works with leaders ready to establish greater ease and impact in their life and work. By promoting conviction, connection, and calm, Jake helps leaders build strength and resilience in their work cultures and families.

Cost to attend is free, but registration is required. Room and parking info will be shared upon registering.


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