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The Gen Now Advanced Leadership Course 

The Gen Now Advanced Leadership Course features competitive enrollment at its normal location in Rochester, NY location. This same course is being offered in Asheville for easy access due to the motivation of Family Business Forum member, Trevor Asty, Togar Rugs. 

The Gen Now Advanced Leadership Course has revolutionized how leaders connect, coach, collaborate and manage relationship challenges at work and in the family. This course is an in-depth, seven- month learning experience featuring comprehensive, face-to- face leadership feedback, engaging presentations, lively discussions, deeper thinking and practical accountability applications.

Successful candidates are highly-motivated to work on self, eager to learn, and interested in soliciting and hearing challenging feedback.
Gen Now participants represent a wide variety of leadership positions, fields and circumstances:
• C-level executives 
• Next-generation leaders of family businesses 
• Health care and financial institution administrators 
• Key partners in law, accounting and engineering firms 
• Owners of small businesses 
• Heads of not-for-profit organizations 
• Physician and dental practice leaders 
• Mid-to-late-career executives 
• Entrepreneurial heads of growing businesses 
• Corporate division leaders 

 Course Registration & Fees

Individual leaders interested in being considered for the Gen Now Advanced Leadership Course should set up a telephone consultation directly with Nick Engels by calling or emailing. 
Email: Phone: 585-269-8604.


Please note: An individual qualifying meeting between Nick Engels and the candidate is required before registration can be accepted for the Gen Now Advanced Leadership Course.

Price normally is $7000 and only offered in Rochester, NY.
For a limited time offer the fee is $2,000 per person. Members of the UNC Asheville Family Business Forum will receive a 15% discount. If a spouse or second employee of the same business joins, the price is $1500 for that person. This special price will not be offered again.

The course will start in 2018 if enough people are interested.

The fee covers tuition, materials, facility, and food for the two-hour, individual, pre-course consultation and seven-full-day course sessions held at UNC Asheville. 

Nick Engels, President, Engels Leadership LLC

Before launching Engels Leadership LLC in 2016, Nick spent 10 years apprenticing as a consultant with Leadership Coaching Inc., where he still teaches its Emerging Leaders Course.  A National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) graduate, Nick spent three months in rigorous leadership training in the remote regions of northwest Australia. Navigating through extreme conditions and intense relationship challenges were a matter of survival, an experience he credits to advancing his tolerance for discomfort and his ability
to stay calm in high-consequence situations.

Nick earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Quinnipiac University, where he was elected President of his institution’s consulting organization.  Early in his career, Nick supervised a seminal research project att University of Rochester’s Mt. Hope Family Center on the                       multigenerational impact of trauma and anxiety on children and families. He applied that knowledge as a counselor in clinical substance dependency settings while completing his master’s degree in Social Work at the University at Buffalo.

Nick has volunteered internationally at Caritas Bangladesh in Dhaka, in remote villages outside Chittagong, Bangladesh, at the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, and during a year-long hitchhiking excursion across the contiguous 48 states and Alaska.  He currently facilitates a weekly discussion group with inmates inside Wyoming Correctional Facility.  Nick resides in upstate New York. When he’s not coaching and volunteering, he writes, engages in lively discussion, and enjoys biking, weight training, and pickup basketball games.
Email: Phone: 585-269-8604